Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Oracle's Grand Introduction

Hello Readers,

The Oracle is just a simple folk who enjoys scouring the Internet for information that does not get much coverage, but is still nonetheless extremely important to know. Through the many years of being a news junky, the Oracle learned that mainstream front page news is not necessarily the place people should look if that person is interested in learning a subject in much more detail. Hence, the name of this blog.

In today's world many people cannot see the differences between real news, marketing campaigns, and propaganda. If you look at the trend of news in the last 40 years, news has changed from something that informs people to something that will generate money. Due to the change in motivation, the entire news structure has changed at the price of your average reader.

The good news is that the important news and media is still available. This blog will provide the information and insight that is important and should not slip through the cracks. The Oracle has had a real interest in the financial markets and since we are facing a financial crisis, the Oracle will focus more on this topic as the crisis unfolds. But do not fret, even though reading the current state of affairs in the financial world makes one want to jump out of a window, the Oracle will provide some media that will mix things up......the Oracle promises. =)

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